From Personal Training to Group Training,
we will get you in the shape you desire!

I specialize in core strengthening, improving flexibility, building muscle and 'lean and mean' bodies. Core training is extremely important for athletes, but we know that! What about you? How do you feel when you move after working all day? How do you feel after getting up from your couch? Twisting and turning to grab objects or your kids?

You need to work on strengthening those muscles that help you move freely. Our bodies need to stay active and agile to avoid those injuries! I work on your balance, adding instability to your exercises and focus on your posterior chain. I always run multi-joint type exercises to involve every muscle in the body.

In my studio, you are not just 'clients', you are always greeted by name and you feel part of the team right away.  I stay trendy with my workout routines and create new programs daily.


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Personal Training

Work with me one-o​​​​​​​​​n-one to get that fitness plan! Your workout program will always be tailor made to get what you want! Simply the best way to train with injuries, aches or pains. Starts with proper form from the basic movements to the most advanced exercises out there. Great way to get or stay motivated, no matter what fitness level.​

Partner/Couple or Small Group Training

​Stick to your fitness program by bringing a 'buddy' or 'buddies'! Maybe a friend or even your spouse. Partner/Small Group Training always adds a little more excitement for some, especially those with competitive souls!​

Our Small Group Training classes provide a full body workout. Functional, cardiovascular, resistance, plyometric and more training modalities will challenge your body to maximize calories and fat burned while strengthening your muscles. No Group Fitness session is ever alike, so you will never get bored. Each class is guaranteed to be fun, yet challenging!


Stay accountable through my commitment. I offer a free first time visit, a sit down with me to look over your expectations, measurements and weigh-in. Also a workout that will help me, help you! In this consult/assessment I will be able to measure your strength, flexibility and condition. My 30 minute workout programs are put together to get results quickly and safely. Allow an hour for your first visit.