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Over the years, our clients have voted us Best Fitness Instructor & Best Fitness Club

  • 2018: Gold award winning Best Fitness Instructor in Burlington Readers' Choice.

  • 2015: The Gold award for Best Fitness Instructor and Fitness Club Burlington Readers' Choice.

  • ​​​2014: The Diamond award for Best Personal Trainer (Jan Vlachy) and the Platinum award for our Fitness Club in the Burlington Readers' Choice Awards.

  • 2013: The Platinum award for Personal Trainer (Jan Vlachy) and the Gold award for Best Business in the Burlington Readers Choice Awards 

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us, voting and making this happen. We truly appreciate your business and hope to keep performing for our clients!


Fitness Coach, Owner
  • 18 Years of Personal Training experience

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified as Fitness Coach Specialist

  • Can-Fit-Pro Certified as Fitness Instructor Specialist

  • Certified in BLS Adult CPR

  • Coached Burlington Eagles goaltenders

  • Played AAA hockey until the age of 18, was scouted as an OHL Prospect

  • Currently playing in the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA)

  • Enjoys playing soccer, tennis, biking and spending time with his wife and two kids


CHCH Morning Live!

Summer is often a time when people let their fitness routine slide. But now that Fall is here, many people are looking to get back into the groove, which can sometimes prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Diana weeks checked out JV Pro Fitness in Burlington, where she learned some tips on getting motivated after a bit of a break.

Click here for the link to the video on You Tube

Young professional: Jan Vlachy, 24

Owner / Personal Trainer at JV Pro Fitness, Burlington

Gary Yokoyama of The Hamilton Spectator

Job description: I specialize in core strengthening, improving flexibility, building muscle and “lean and mean” bodies. As a personal trainer, it’s my job to create programs for every individual, no matter what fitness level.

​Is this the job you thought you'd be doing? It’s really important to

love what you do. I’m glad I’ve found my element so early in life.


Advice to others launching a career: Whether it’s a fitness career

or not, you need to have the right kind of support around you. It’s

important to get past the first few obstacles in starting a career.


Roots: Born in the Czech Republic, moved to North America at the

age of nine. Attended Aldershot High School, played sports throughout

my life which steered me into the fitness industry.


iPhone, Android or BB? Android: Galaxy Nexus


Network: None I don’t think.


Facebook update: “Finally got my Rogers Cup tickets in the mail. Championship game!”


Favourite restaurant downtown Hamilton: August 8

Best feature of life in Hamilton: Copps Coliseum


What would make Hamilton a better city? Hamilton needs an NHL team!

Contacts:, 905-921-2152


Quote: “The first wealth is health.”

Hanging in There

June 2, 2011

Jan Vlachy is a personal trainer who doesn’t do sit-ups.

Don’t fret about his six pack, though. Jan's abs have never been in better shape since he started working out while hanging from the ceiling, instead of being on the floor.

Vlachy, who owns JV Pro Fitness in Burlington, is a devotee of the TRX System, a suspension training device that is exploding in popularity in the fitness world.

“It’s the hottest thing there is right now,” says Vlachy, who uses the system with his clients daily and in his own high-intensity workouts. “There’s nothing like it. It’s the cheapest, most effective way to train.”

The original system was conceived by U.S. Navy Seal Randy Hetrick out of parachute webbing stitched together by boat repair tools. The commando wanted to create an intense workout that he and his teammates could do anywhere, whether inside a submarine or on a foreign mission. The harness, which is essentially two straps with handle grips hanging from the ceiling, took their workouts to the next level and was extremely portable.

The lightweight product, which retails for around $200, launched nearly six years ago, but it is just catching on in Canada. Several local trainers are now including the harness in their workouts and a new TRX and spinning studio, called Spinaflex, just opened in Burlington on Fairview Street.


​Owner Sandra Kies said the suspension workouts are a more functional exercise than lifting weights and don’t leave the same bruised-muscle feeling. But the results are remarkable because the harness is constantly working your core muscles, she said. “It does take a lot of core strength,” she says, noting newbies often need a few attempts to balance their bodies. “But once you get it, you get it.”

The system is geared to all fitness levels, said Kies, who offers four TRX classes a day. The intensity of the exercise depends on the angle you position your body on the harness, she said, noting she’s seen seniors and people in wheelchairs use the system. “Anybody can use it,” agrees Vlachy, who uses the harness to put his legs more than a metre above his head during pushups.

GoodLife Fitness just rolled out a special TRX class in its Hamilton facilities. The Burlington location should be outfitted soon. Its instructors have the highest level of TRX training available, logging 84 hours of training on the system before teaching clients, said Kim Lavender, national director of team training.


For $299, members can take 18 TRX sessions as part of a team. The workouts are becoming popular simply because they look like so much fun, said Lavender. ​“These are the stop-and-stare kind of workouts,” she said, noting participants improve quickly on the suspension harness. “It can be very empowering.”


Jackie Browning, 50, just started TRX last week at Spinaflex after researching the exercise online. She was still feeling the half-hour full-body workout a few days later.

“My stomach still hurts,” she said, adding she’ll be back for more. “It’s almost like gliding … it’s as hard as you want it to make it.”

Motherhood can't be my excuse to be fat anymore

Brooding with Nicole Macintyre



The majority of my personal trainer’s clients are moms. This became evident in our initial consultation when he asked me if I could do a jumping jack without peeing myself.

I started to work out with Jan Vlachy at his Burlington fitness studio in February after losing a traumatic fight with a pair of jeans. I told him I was there for myself, but also for my kids.

Simply put, I don’t want my boys to grow up with a fat mom who fuels herself with sugar and dreads the uphill walk back from the park. And I know the odds of my children being overweight depends greatly on my ability to battle my own diet and exercise demons.

I’ve never been thin. My grandmother likes to tell me I’ve been chubby since birth. Motherhood just tipped the scales.

Two Caesarean sections, extended breastfeeding and 30 extra pounds (OK, maybe 40) make me an unlikely candidate for the next Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover. I’m more National Geographic material.

I don’t expect my body to ever go back to its former self. In fact I hate the unnatural pressure society puts on new moms to get their old bodies back before their babies have cracked their first smiles. Your life is never the same after children, you can’t expect your body to be either. I try to embrace my stretch marks and surgery scars as reminders of the beautiful children I grew inside me. And my breastfeeding experience has been well worth the damage to the girls.

My weight, however, is different. I don’t want to keep using motherhood as an excuse for being unhealthy. A sleepless night can’t justify a drive-thru run for a sugary drink and calorie-dense confection. My three-year-old shouldn’t think that chocolate solves all the world’s problems. And taking care of my family’s needs can’t always be more important than my own.

“Mothers have the most motivation, but they are the first ones to quit,” says Vlachy. In his experience, it’s usually a lack of time, not money or initiative that keep moms from committing to a fitness routine.

“You have to be selfish,” he advised me. “You have to make time for you.”

So twice a week, no matter what is happening in my household, I let Vlachy whip me into shape for half an hour. It’s often my only child-free time and I cherish it, even when I’m doing burpees.

It would be cheaper to work out on my own, but I know it’s unlikely to happen. When I’m home, dodging Hot Wheels on the treadmill or clearing a spot in the playroom to do crunches, it’s too easy to be pulled away by a crying baby or hungry preschooler. I need to physically and mentally escape my family (and the laundry heap) to focus on me. And I’m starting to do it without guilt, knowing in the end my family will be better with a healthier matriarch.

To date I’ve dropped nearly 20 pounds and a dress size. I pulled out my pre-kid clothing stash from the basement the other day and things are close to fitting again. I won’t say I’m getting back to my old self. I’m working on a new improved version, stretch marks and all.

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